How To Embrace Hair Loss. Tips For Men


Today’s article goes out to all the men, who are balding, thinning, receding, or straight up bald. And for those of you with glorious flowing locks, before you dismiss this article and say “Man, I got hair, Seacrest out.” Well, you may not need it now but someday you might. And if you do, this post might just be the thing to ease the emotional distress associated with hair loss. Today, it’s all about hair loss tips and tricks to love your look.

Genetics are a bitch sometimes. Unfortunately, we don’t get to choose the hand to deal with, if we did, men would all be 6 foot, too handsome, fluffy headed fellas, but we don’t get to choose. However, we do have a choice on how we play the cards that we are dealt. The way I see, you got two options. The first option – you look at those cards that you were dealt, and if you don’t like them, put them down, fold them, and cannot play because you’re upset because it’s not perfect, then they’re not aces. Or you can go all-in. It doesn’t matter what you have, your all-in baby. Well, gentlemen, the sad reality is is that the majority of men experience some degree of hair loss throughout the course of their lifetime. And no matter how hard you fight it, how many lotions, potions, or pills, you take – a lot of times the inevitable happens, and your hair falls out. Well, today I thought I’d go over some of the tips and tricks, tools of the trade that I use when working with a man, who is thinning or who has lost their hair, to help improve their self-esteem, boost up their confidence, and give them a look they love.

All right, so you’re balding, how are you going to handle it? Now, there are two schools of thought, two camps of people when dealing with hair loss. There’s the first camp that fights it like a kung-fu master. They are trying every potion, lotion, witch doctor to prevent, slow, or stop the hair loss process. And the deal is, there are a few things out there like Rogaine and Propecia that do work to some degree. There are side effects and pros and cons both of them.


And the other group of people is the guys that realize are going bald and like “Man, this sucks, but it’s going to happen, so let’s do this.” Well, regardless of where you fall in that spectrum of trying to fight it and embracing it, you can do some things to enhance the look of a bald head.

Alright, before we get into what you should do, let’s talk about real quick one thing that you definitely shouldn’t do, and that is the comb-over. A comb-over is letting the hair on the side or back of your head grow long and strategically styling it over the bald area. Camouflage. Men, don’t do it. I know it’s a temp thing. Well, it is not worth your time or energy, and it’s not worth living your life, looking for reflective surfaces to make sure it hasn’t shifted. Don’t live like that. Your focus, you’re always worried about if somebody will notice. Gentleman, when it gets to that point when it starts to buzz the bitch, take it short. Now, I’m not necessarily saying go completely bald because personally, I feel that a little stubble looks incredible when seamlessly and systematically blended with the short beard. What? Don’t you think that looks great? To prove that it makes a big difference, let’s do a little experiment.


Okay, take a look at this gentleman. He’s a handsome enough guy, but your eyes drift upwards towards the bald head. You notice that he is bald first. He needs something on his chin to balance his look and to draw the viewers eyes down level with his. Now, see that your eyes focus on his eyes. That chin hair’s just enough to bring the eye and visual interest to the center of his face.

And let’s do another before-and-after. And this doesn’t just work with beards; it also works with goatees or strategically placed soul patches.


Not feeling the facial fuzz, maybe you can’t grow it, maybe you can’t wear it for work or school. No problem. You can incorporate a nice pair of statement glasses, a dynamic pair of eyewear or glasses is an excellent way to add that interest and dimension to your face. Or you can do both uses and think of glasses as an accessory. It doesn’t matter if you need them or not, you can buy them with clear lenses and rock and roll.


In conclusion, gentlemen, hair loss, going bald is a reality for many men. It is very challenging and emotionally distressing time. But you should embrace it. And when you do, your confidence level is going to skyrocket. Gentlemen, like my grandfather, used to say “God only shows the beautiful and perfect heads that he made, the rest he covers with hair. My head more lumps than a bag of rocks.”

Addyu – Female Sex Enhancement Drug


Addyi was approved by the FDA. Just a few weeks after it came out, some articles came out, and they pointed out that more than half a million men got a prescription for Viagra in its first month on the market in 1998 when the number of prescriptions for Addiy, the woman’s libido boosting pill, in its first few weeks was 227.

No, it wasn’t accurate, it doesn’t reflect all the data sources including specialty pharma and other. But any drug company two weeks into a launch doesn’t necessarily disclose the exact number of prescriptions. I’ll give you some hard numbers that we have disclosed. Our goal out of the gate is education. We, in fact, have to certify other health care providers or pharmacists to be able to prescribe or dispense medication. A little less than 10,000 health care providers have been approved in the first six weeks on the market. And a little under 30,000 pharmacies across the US. I think that’s indicative of the demand. They actually have to go online etc. to do that.

I think it isn’t the female Viagra, and it mustn’t be compared with Viagra. It should never be a barometer of success of this drug, should never be measured against an on-demand drug for men. Actually, the barometer of success for me is that women with a medical condition finally have a choice to make the decision for themselves when it comes to their sexual life.


Women are not on demand creatures when it comes to sex. Women when it relates to desire – it’s in the brain, a reaction, that sexual response. Addyi is an everyday drug that works on the main chemicals in the brain in the sexual balance, in the sexual response. So that’s very different than blood flow issue.

Do you have to take it every single day for the rest of your life or your sexual life? That will be dependent on where you are in a relationship, right? I think women will make that determination for themselves. But, yeah, so much time as you have this medical condition, it is a chronic drug.

It’s been very controversial for several different reasons, and one of those reasons is that diagnosing for what’s called hypoactive sexual desire disorder that’s tricky. So the definition that I found according to the NIH. Definition of hypoactive sexual desire disorder has been around since 1977. And it exists in what’s called the diagnostic and statistical manual. And the definition in the simplest form is a lack of interest in having sex that’s causing distress and is not accounted for by something else. I think one of the things that have created a lot of misunderstanding in this condition is women who don’t have this, desire ebbs and flows.

Premature Ejaculation Treatments


Premature ejaculation also is known as rapid ejaculation. What do we do about the problem? There are various tactics. One treatment is to use a means of decreasing penile sensitivity, so there’s less stimulation, such as an extra thick condom, such as topical anesthetics. Here’s a classic one Emla cream, which are lidocaine and prilocaine. It can be placed on a penis to numb it up, so it is less sensitivity.  Also increasing the frequency of ejaculation. That’ll tend to happen under the circumstances of infrequent sexual activity.

Another treatment is enhanced awareness. Primarily for one to become a more familiar with the feelings and sensations surrounding the time leading up to ejaculation. And by achieving such familiarity one can learn to predict accurately when ejaculation will occur and how to gain control before the point of no return happens.

Mainly before the point of no return different techniques can be used to facilitate delaying ejaculation. One is the standard Masters and Johnson squeeze technique and the others the change of pace technique.


The Masters and Johnson’s method is essential as ejaculation approaches to withdraw, squeeze the head of the penis until the response passes and then resume sexual intercourse. For this, you need a very cooperative partner obviously.

The change of pace is basically a recognition of the imminent ejaculation, slow the tempo before the point of no return, vary the angle and depth of penetration until a feeling dissipates. And if this is not sufficient one may have to stop thrusting, press pubis to pubis and resume thrusting only after the urgency subsites.

Gaining better control over one’s pelvic floor muscles through the use of pelvic floor muscle exercises may help facilitate better control of premature ejaculation.


Now there are a variety of medications that can help a lot. A lot of the urological literature states that Cialis family, Levitra family, and Viagra family can be helpful. I have not found them to be particularly helpful regarding premature ejaculation. They are certainly great in terms of penile rigidity and durability of good quality erection and the ability to achieve a second erection after ejaculation. But I have not found them in particular to be helpful for premature ejaculation.

What Are The Reasons Of The Low Female Libido?


The assumption that women do not like sex is just wrong. Just like men, women do enjoy sex to a various degree. Despite so, it is true that women tend to have a lower sex drive that is caused by different reasons. If you are a woman, and you are experiencing low sex drive or libido, you should combat the root of it. There are several reasons why a female might have a low libido. We are here to enlighten you why such thing might happen. Here are four of the most common causes of low libido in women, that can be solved using female sexual enhancement products

Hormonal Factors


Women go through some of the most extreme hormonal change in their body in two different times in their life. First, it is after pregnancy and during breastfeeding. Secondly, it is when women developing menopause and during the menopause itself. During both of those times, the level of estrogen in their body would recede significantly. This result in the low libido level caused by the extreme hormonal change. Specifically in menopausal women, they tend to dislike the idea of sex because of a certain dryness in their vagina which results in a painful sexual intercourse.

Emotional Connection


It is true that women use their emotions a lot more than men. In a relationship, emotional connection with the partner is highly significant when it comes to sex. One of the reasons why a woman might have a low libido is because they do not have the right connection with their partner. During the relationship, ongoing conflict and also the lack of communication between the two can also cause the lack of sexual desire in women. So if you are having a low sexual drive while you are in a relationship with your man, this could be the case.

Illness and other bodily related issues


Low sex drive can also be a sign of another disease that you have in your body. It might also be caused by certain illness. For instance, diabetes and also high blood pressure might be the source of your low sexual drive. You might also develop unwillingness for sex if you are way too tired or if you are experiencing fatigue. This is very common in women who just had a child where they are way too tired of taking care of their child that they do not have the urge to have sex.

Mental Related Issues


Are you having way too many tasks at hand at your work? Maybe it causes you stress or depression, and this is something that can cause a low libido in women. Women who experience anxiety or depression will be likely to have low sex drive just like when men have it. In order to combat your low sex drive, you must get to the bottom of your problems. Get your financial or work related stress sorted out before you can enjoy sex again. That’s the only way to solve your low libido if it is caused by mental issues.

Breast Actives Cream Review



Breast Actives cream contains Pueraria Mirifica root. The fact that it is a phytoestrogen isn’t unusual as a lot of the common ingredients in breast enlargement products are phytoestrogens. What’s unique about this particular component is the fact that this one is thought to act on estrogen receptor sites. Pueraria Mirifica root has been shown in studies to be very effective in breast enlargement.

The cream contains few other active ingredients as well, all aimed at increasing the suppleness and elasticity of the skin on your breasts. You want to grab about this much cream on each breast every morning after you shower. It really is best to do it as soon as you get out of the shower when your skin is still warm, and your pores are open to help actually maximize the absorption.


Side Effects

Now, all the ingredients in both the pills and the cream are on the FDA safe list and have no known adverse side effects. Both products are manufactured in the the United States in FDA-approved labs and this is a really important factor when choosing any natural health product.

There are positive side effects that have been reported that really are worth discussing. Women taking Breast Actives have reported a decrease in PMS symptoms and elevated sense of well-being and increased libido. Now when I took this, I can personally attest that I don’t suffer from PMS symptoms, so that really wasn’t a factor for me. But I did definitely noticed the heightened mood and the increased libido. So I can honestly say that taking Breast Actives was definitely a positive experience for me.

Price and shipping


Breast Actives will cost you two hundred and forty dollars for six months supply. And shipping is going to be about ten dollars more than that. For the monthly cost just a little over forty dollars for a combination of pills and cream this really is an excellent deal. The Breast Actives return policy isn’t a best on the market, but it is really not bad. They offer in a ninety-day refund for unopened packages only.

Now that said this is my favorite product on the market, and really I would be surprised if you wanted to return it anyways. Overall I have to say that I love Breast Actives. I think the pills and the cream complement each other perfectly to give you the best natural breast enlargement product on the market.

Male Enhancement Pills Made From Herbal Ingredients


Herbal male enhancement pill can provide men with good uses. Many men are often disappointing because the wife suffered from premature ejaculation despite his young age, if it is allowed to drag it is not impossible domestic harmony will be disturbed. For those of you men who feel ‘out too quickly’ during sex can try traditional ingredients premature ejaculation below in order to be durable during lovemaking.

Premature ejaculation is one type of sexual disorder often suffered by men of all ages, young or old men have the same risk of developing this disease. One of the symptoms of premature ejaculation is the most common is the inability last longer during sex, causing him and his partner was not satisfied. If allowed to drag on this condition will usually be heavier.


There are several ways that can be used to treat premature ejaculation, one of them by taking traditional medicines. Trying to address sexual problems is to drink traditional pills does no harm as long as you are sure that the drug does not cause side effects that will endanger your health. Excess durable traditional herb is not expensive and has no side effects, and, of course, the usefulness potent. Such as illness or other complaints are perceived by humans, premature ejaculation also needs to be handled properly so that both partners can reach the climax together.

However, to determine the most appropriate treatment method, we need to know in advance the cause of the problem. Once the causes are identified, the Prosolution Plus treatment step will be easier to do. As we know, premature ejaculation has a variety of causes ranging from heart problems, problems associated with kidney, lack of proper nutrition, caused by smoking and drinking liquor, nerve problems, presence of toxins that accumulate in the body and issues in the health system, in general.

Then how traditional herb premature ejaculation works address all the causes of these problems? It has been since ancient times, the Chinese traditional medicine gatherers and medicine gatherers in Africa and other regions use a variety of herbs as a traditional medicine to cure premature ejaculation with the primary goal is to improve the overall health of the wearer’s body functions. With the use of herbal male enhancement, you will get a solution for your body that you need.