Breast Actives Cream Review



Breast Actives cream contains Pueraria Mirifica root. The fact that it is a phytoestrogen isn’t unusual as a lot of the common ingredients in breast enlargement products are phytoestrogens. What’s unique about this particular component is the fact that this one is thought to act on estrogen receptor sites. Pueraria Mirifica root has been shown in studies to be very effective in breast enlargement.

The cream contains few other active ingredients as well, all aimed at increasing the suppleness and elasticity of the skin on your breasts. You want to grab about this much cream on each breast every morning after you shower. It really is best to do it as soon as you get out of the shower when your skin is still warm, and your pores are open to help actually maximize the absorption.


Side Effects

Now, all the ingredients in both the pills and the cream are on the FDA safe list and have no known adverse side effects. Both products are manufactured in the the United States in FDA-approved labs and this is a really important factor when choosing any natural health product.

There are positive side effects that have been reported that really are worth discussing. Women taking Breast Actives have reported a decrease in PMS symptoms and elevated sense of well-being and increased libido. Now when I took this, I can personally attest that I don’t suffer from PMS symptoms, so that really wasn’t a factor for me. But I did definitely noticed the heightened mood and the increased libido. So I can honestly say that taking Breast Actives was definitely a positive experience for me.

Price and shipping


Breast Actives will cost you two hundred and forty dollars for six months supply. And shipping is going to be about ten dollars more than that. For the monthly cost just a little over forty dollars for a combination of pills and cream this really is an excellent deal. The Breast Actives return policy isn’t a best on the market, but it is really not bad. They offer in a ninety-day refund for unopened packages only.

Now that said this is my favorite product on the market, and really I would be surprised if you wanted to return it anyways. Overall I have to say that I love Breast Actives. I think the pills and the cream complement each other perfectly to give you the best natural breast enlargement product on the market.